On Flat Land*

Iznajar, Cordoba Price: €129,000 NEGOTIABLE Ref: On Flat Land* Property Type: Country House Condition: Fully Restored
6 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 1 Reception

Property Description


One thing about living in a rural finca - climbing up and down hills can be a real pain! You won''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t have that problem here, as ON FLAT LAND IS (SHOCKER) ON FLAT LAND! With over 6000M2 of plot encompasing HUNDREDS OF OLIVE TREES and PLENTY OF SPACE to BUILD YOUR OWN GARDEN, this is definitely one to consider. AND NO DIRT TRACK FOR YOU! Directly off the A333, this would be an EXCELLENT VENUE FOR A NEW BUSINESS - the immediate area is short on restaurants and hotels, so this could be the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR THE BUDDING ENTREPENEUR!


First glance at this property suggests that it needs a little work, but the keen, creative eye will see the fantastic potential here, with both the main home of and the warehouse building (seperate accomodation or restaurant? Regardless, there are money-making opportunities abound). And hey, the price is negotiable, so feel free to make us an offer!


The main home consists of a roomy living room, a fully-fitted kitchen, 6 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plenty of storage space and comes complete with functioning electricity and running water. Again, there''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s some work to be done, but as and when the time comes, our Property Development department would be more than happy to help! We specialise in making houses homes, and ensuring that you can weave your own personality into your home, and, frankly, we see an incredible opportunity here - we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''re itching to get our hands on it!


Situated on the A333 from Villanueva de Tapia to Subbetica National Park, you''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''re only 3 minutes from the sandy shores of Iznajar Lake, 10 minutes from Villanueva de Tapia, 45 minutes from the bustling city of Malaga and 50 minutes from Granada - everything you need, from bars & restaurants to doctors & pharmacies are all easily within reach.


Here at Andalusia Properties, we specialise in going the extra mile - we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''re never just here for the sale. We will always stay by your side through every step of the process, including property development and legal formalities, ensuring your absolute satisfaction and peace of mind in your first steps towards your new Spanish adventure!

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