Andalusia (In Spanish, Andalucia): Millions of words have been written about this region of Southern Spain; the images of Flamenco and Bull Fighting; the Alhambra Palace of Granada; the Mezquita of Cordoba and the Giralda of Sevilla are known to everyone so I am not going to regurgitate more about what is alreay so well covered. Instead I'd like to share with you what Andalusia means to me.

It's a varied countryside with mountains, plains and lakes, and a wonderful view around every corner. Even more, it's a way of life; where family and friends are really important; where stopping for a coffee and chatting to aquantances is more important than business; where 'things' take second place to people and where everything takes its time. It's a way of life that for many of us has to be learned - I wish I had a Euro for every time someone who tells me that they have moved to Spain for a relaxed way of life then complains about how long it takes to get things done or asks why the banks or shops aren't open! It takes some getting used to, but when you get there it's well worth the journey!

In the past, life could be hard - many of the mountainous areas nearer the beach were historically very poor and the infrastructure reflected this. Happily, in recent times mains electricity and water have become the norm and access to telephones and the internet commonly available. Road access is also much improved. In the past there were villages in which I wouldn't list houses for sale because the access roads were so bad! Today access problems are much, much rarer, which makes country living easier.

The area we cover is wide, but if you are looking for fincas, cortijos, villas or village and town houses in the area around Antequera, Archidona, Iznajar, Loja, Rute, Montefrio, Yunquera, Alozaina, and all places in between as well as the Subbetica National Park then come and see us! Just don’t expect to see it all in a day!

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