Antique Building Material

Andalusia Properties executes projects using and recycling archeological materials and elements, providing the properties with authenticity and architectural value, working with our wide range of collaborators and antique providers. Through this we contribute to the historical, cultural and artistic patrimonial safeguard. 

Antique Terracotta Tile

Patricia Martinez Watt has extensive experience in the purchase and sale of antique materials and architectural elements, thus contributing to the safeguarding of a genuine heritage.

Each tile has its own story to tell, sculpted by man's perpetual passage through the ages, centuries and generations; they each resemble a unique footprint and its fascinating patina.

Dating for the most part from the 17th century, our tiles offer a richly varied range of colors: from yellow to brown, ocher to beige and, above all, such vivid tones as warm pink, blazing oranges and even blood reds.

Measurements: square tiles range from 15 X 15 to 40 X 40; rectangular ones are more difficult to find, older and often lighter in color, ranging in size from 13 X 26 to 17 x 34